Meet the Owner

Valerie Evans

Certified Sommelier, Valerie Evans was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. She comes from an entrepreneurial family who built their success in the mortgage industry. Valerie was taught at a very young age that success comes to those who work for it. Taking that to heart she has poured the last twenty five years into the mortgage industry, enabling her to earn her California State Brokers License and open a well known Mortgage Brokerage firm, Foothill Mortgage Corporation.

Valerie’s dedication to making her mortgage business a success meant that some of her hobbies and passions were placed on hold. One of those passions was expanding her education of wine. Her passion for wine arose from various social gatherings throughout her life. After years of wine collecting, numerous trips to wineries and wine regions she decided to learn what makes wine so special.

Valerie first started as an intern working one night a week at a boutique wine bar. That internship led to an Account Executive position with a large volume wine distributor. Although she learned a great deal about the wine industry, this still did not fulfill her need to learn more about wine.

In March of 2008, she completed the Professional Culinary Institute’s Sommelier Course, but she did not stop there. With the knowledge and skills she received from Master Sommelier David Glancy she was able to participate in the Court of Masters’ Sommelier Certification exam. Through a grueling process of wine fundamentals, blind tastings, wine and food pairing and service performance testing, Valerie passed and received the world recognized title of “Certified Sommelier.”

Since receiving her certification Valerie has turned her attention to sharing her passion and knowledge of wine with others. Taking a page out of her early years on what it takes to be successful she now focuses her time and energy on “The Grapevine”.

Her goal now is to share her love and knowledge of wine with her customers, hoping they too will find the enjoyment that has created so many cherished memories spent with friends and family.